RVI is a Serbian company specialized in the construction, assembly, repair and maintenance of interior and exterior furnishings for the most beautiful houses in the world.
With over twenty years of experience, it offers on-site furnishing construction and assembly services, glazed construction, wooden ceilings, wood paneling, plasterboard structures, marble and stoneware floors.

As leading company in Eastern Europe, we have implemented more than 200 projects in Serbia, Montenegro, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia.

Our teams of specialized technicians provide installation of complex structures, frames, sliding walls, laminated wood, concrete and stone structures.

The Director Mr.Stefano Dies, who has thirty years of experience in the world of marble and luxury stones for furnishing, will be pleased to offer you the best services, Italian quality, attention to detail, precision that is characteristic of Italian craftsmanship.

With customers in Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany, RVI represents the best partner for the construction and installation of luxury furnishings for private houses, office buildings and sports facilities.